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Bridge Course Evaluation Checklist

Blog Post created by Lily Philips on Apr 24, 2019

From personal experience, the Content Services team here at Instructure knows that designing employee-focused courses can be both challenging and rewarding. When it came time for us to design our own training materials in Bridge, we realized that a Course Evaluation Checklist tool (similar to our Canvas version) could really come in handy. So, we created one!


Our goal with the checklist is to cut down design time, helping us move the course from the draft stage to the implementation stage faster and easier.


The checklist acts as a framework for a Bridge Course. It combines our expertise in Bridge, our knowledge of Universal Design for Learning principles, and our deep understanding of andragogy (adult learning) best practices.


Use the checklist as-is, or customize for your own design needs!


A big shout-out to Marah Metallo, Adam WilliamsRenee Carney, and Monique Mensah for their help and support in creating this checklist.




Bridge Course Evaluation Checklist Preview



The checklist is available via Google Docs "Make a Copy" so you can customize it for your organization. Please select the following link for access: Bridge Course Evaluation Checklist Editable


Note: We ask that you maintain our Citation list located at the bottom of the document.


Additional Bridge Resources

The following course export files can be downloaded and uploaded into your Bridge account. After selecting a course link below, click the link that pops up to download the file. Once you have the json course files downloaded, you can upload them one by one to your courses list in Bridge. Related help article: How do I upload or replace a course package?




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