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mensah_family_pic.jpgI had the opportunity to interview Monique Mensah, a trainer on the Bridge Team. I not only learned a few tips about Bridge, but got to know a little bit about the things in life that drive her passion, too.


Courses on Spam


Perhaps one of the reasons why Monique understands Bridge so well is because she also completes her employee training courses in Bridge, too. "I learned how [I] can help protect and filter my email from spam, threats, and attacks," she says, of her last course she took at Instructure.


"One of my favorite features in Bridge is how easy it is to create a course with a nice cover slide, learning content, media and quiz questions." Helping clients adopt and leverage Bridge is at the heart of her work. She loves learning new things, a sentiment that certainly translates when training others, as well.


The feature she's most excited about these days is the new registration process. "Did you know that you can now send a Bridge user a registration link to a live training course or session, so the learner can self-enroll?" Before, you had to enroll the learner in the live training course to send them an invitation to register for one of the training sessions. (Read more about it here 2016-06-02 New Bridge Features.)


"We goofed off a lot and played jokes on one another."


Monique certainly has a zest for life . Before coming to Instructure, she worked as a training development specialist at another software company. However, way, way, way before that, she worked at McDonald's with her two sisters and their friends where they "goofed off a lot and played jokes on one another." But even back then, McDonald's used (and still uses) blended learning to deliver their trainings. "I watched videos on how to do something and then I would go and do it," she says. It's safe to say that all that goofing off paid off. Teaching and training was already in the family... and the hamburgers.


A Question for the Bridge Community


When we asked Monique what he'd like to know from other Bridge users and she wanted to hear more tips using the Live Trainings.


Have any feedback for Monique? Share them by posting your comments below!

1.jpgNikki Bodily is one of the many people working 24/7 to support Bridge users and deliver an amazing user experience.


Nikki is a Level Two (L2) Support Technician for Instructure.  She has been with Instructure since the beginning of 2014.  Nikki rose quickly to L2 and shortly there after moved over to start up the Bridge support team.  “Ooh, Pretty!” was her first reaction when Nikki saw Bridge. She wanted to move to the Bridge team because it sounded fun and interesting and she was looking for a challenge.


nikki painting.jpg

Nikki has been working in various aspects of customer service since she was 17, including several tech support positions prior to coming to Instructure.  “I like working at Instructure because you can’t just let stuff slide.  You have to be yourself and ask questions.  I always know that I will have the tools I need to do my job and that if there is a problem, it will get handled.”  Nikki also says that she also likes working at Instructure because of the informal and comfortable work environment.  "I like working with Bridge users because they are generally pleasant and understand that we are here to help them.  I like working with international customers.  Talking to people from all around the world is exciting."


Nikki has three dogs (Miniature Schnauzer, Maltese, Shitzu mix).  A Salt Lake Native, she loves to cook and bake and draw and watch scary B movies.