• How do I view a certificate of a course a participant no longer has access to?

    In my organization, we run promotions for paid content for a limited time. Users have access to courses for a limited time and then get booted out of the course. If they completed the course within the time window, th...
    Ed Duda
    created by Ed Duda
  • Is there a way to push a user to a particular part of a course?

    I need to push several customers past certain parts of a course. Is it possible to force a user to a particular section? If there are any questions, is it possible to give them 100% on those?
    Ed Duda
    created by Ed Duda
  • {"error":"session_not_found"}

    A learner keeps getting this after they have logged in {"error":"session_not_found"}. Not sure how to fix
    Andy Fullerton
    last modified by Andy Fullerton
  • Do Live Training reports not include Bulk Enrolment Historical Data?

    I am trying to pull a completed enrolment report on a specific live training, and when I do the deep dive or data dump options it does not include any bulk enrolment historical data in them. Is there a way to get both...
    Toni James
    created by Toni James