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Bridge Academy for Managers

Blog Post created by Dean Wood Employee on Dec 13, 2019

The purpose of this free webinar series is to teach managers successful employee development skills while simultaneously highlighting features within Bridge. The value your company gets out of Bridge hinges on managers’ understanding “the why” of Bridge’s features and how to utilize those features to improve people management skills. These trainings will share industry standards and best practices for a manager’s role, specific to one-on-one meetings, career drivers, skill feedback, and goal setting. 


It is strongly advised that managers attend all of the webinars in order, however, if needed, managers can hop into any session and gain helpful information. 


There are three quick prerequisites for all managers to join this training: 

  1. Watch the five minute Bridge Overview for Managers video
  2. Log in to Bridge to ensure access is permitted
  3. Confirm that the “My Team” avatar shows in the application switcher (this ensures that a manager relationship is set).*If you are a manager and do not see the "My Team" avatar within Bridge, please contact your Bridge Admin.


Schedule & Agenda (click each title to register):

  • January 23rd, 1 PM EST  - Effective 1on1 Conversations
    • Roughly half of all employees don’t know what’s expected of them at work and in this digital age, face-to-face communication still reigns supreme as the most important productivity and engagement tool for managers. In this webinar, managers will see the benefits of using Bridge as a tool for hosting productive and effective one on ones and learn best practices for meeting with their employees. Additionally, managers will learn that hosting frequent 1on1's with their employees will allow the employee to have a voice with their manager, build deeper connections with their team members, and dedicated time for both the manager and employee to provide and discuss feedback. 
  • February 6th, 1 PM EST - Employee Driven Career Plans
    • In a study by global staffing firm Randstad, 73 percent of employers said fostering employee development is important, but only 49 percent of employees said leadership is adhering to this practice. The Career Drivers exercise helps employees identify what drives and motivates them. This information is invaluable for engagement and gives managers insight into employees' happiness, satisfaction, and productivity in their current role. In this webinar, managers will see the benefits of exposing their employees to the Career Drivers and other employee driven career sections of Bridge as well as best practices surrounding career conversations with employees. The use of the Career Planning feature will increase employee engagement and the manager/employee connection.

  • February 20th, 1 PM EST - Feedback to Motivate Employees
    • Only 19% of millennials say they receive routine feedback. An even smaller percentage of millennials (17%) say the feedback they receive is meaningful. In this webinar, managers will see the benefits of using the Bridge Assessment/Feedback feature as a tool for identifying skills gaps, high performers and potential mentors. Additionally, managers will learn that being timely, specific, caring, and open-minded with feedback will increase its effectiveness.  

  • March 5th, 1 PM EST - Purposeful Goals
    • Only 44% of employees strongly agree that they can see how their work goals connect to the organization’s overall goals. Further, 30% of employees strongly agree that their manager involves them in setting their goals at work. Those who strongly agree with this statement are 3.6 times more likely to be engaged, committed, enthusiastic and involved. This webinar will help managers understand how to better engage their employees through effective goal setting in Bridge.