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    Dennis Palmenco

    Smart Groups with Hire Date release is a great start. However, in order to utilize this feature, we'll need to have an option of:

    Hire Date on or after Today(instead of specifying an actual date) - This will auto-assign learning items within their hire date for future hires in the system to help with onboarding.

    Today, x number of days, x number of weeks, x number of months could be a great addition for more flexibility. (Sample use case after probation)

    Reference to community posts:















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    Chris Coffman

    Dennis Palmenco thank you for the feedback on smart groups by hire date! While we don't at this time support relative dates (e.g. "today") in the hire date field, I did want to make sure you're aware of the options for hire date smart groups (is, is not, is after, is before, is between, is not between):

    The values accepted are fixed dates, not relative dates, but can use those operators to create a group that enrolls every new hire going forward from a date (is after), or every new hire in Q3 (is between).

    Additionally, our upcoming Journeys feature (currently in Limited Release, if you're not already participating, please ask and we can add you to the Limited Release participants!) has scheduling features that do include the ability to schedule a step X number of days after the previous completion:

    You can combine these features to achieve at least some of the relative date scenarios described in those community posts, such as having a training available 30 days after hire date.

    Cheers, Chris

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