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How to upload an Articulate Rise to Bridge?



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    Katie Swenson

    Hi Brent,

    To publish from Rise,

    1. Find your course in Rise and hover on the tile. 

    2. Click on the 3-dot ellipsis and select Export. 

    3. Choose LMS as the Export type.

    4. In the LMS section choose SCORM 2004 and the edition (I've been using 2nd)

    5. Select your tracking method (completion %, quiz or storyline block)  If you don't have a quiz, I would suggest using the completion %.  

    6. For reporting, select Passed/Incomplete

    7. Once you have all the settings, click the Export button at the top.

    8.  Take the exported zip file and upload that in Bridge in Author > Courses > Upload Course

    9. Test your course.  I always test to fail and test to complete and check the course record after each to ensure it's reporting accurately.  If I need to, I'll revisit those settings and re-export after any updates.  

    I've started using Rise more recently and am really enjoying it!!  Have a great day!


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    Brent Gregson

    Thanks, Katie! I will do that now. I appreciate the help. 

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