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    Heidi Bynum

    Hello Trainer,

    This is automated through group enrollment. To create a one time enrollment, utilize CSV enrollment. I don't see the tutorial around group enrollment, but adding a group to the course automates the enrollment for those users. For reference, here's information on adding the course to the Learning Library - selecting Required will automate the enrollment for all learners in your domain. And here is the guide around group creation.

    I think one of our teams uses the group enrollment and then just goes through and removes the group as the content becomes less relevant. My team utilizes the CSV enrollment and adds evergreen content to our learning Programs which are automated through group enrollment.

    I hope this helps,


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    Amy Skyles


    It sounds to me like you might have some Smart Groups assigned to your courses. Here is the guide to help you learn how Smart Groups are created. This will help you identify which Smart Groups exist. To determine which one(s) might be assigned to a course, use the guide How do I find a group to add to a course

    If Smart Groups have been assigned, you should be able to remove them. Just be careful because if there are people in the group who do need to take the course, it will become optional for them. At that point, you would need to manually add them back into the course enrollment. 

    Good luck!


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