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Smart Groups Based on Hire Date




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    Amy Skyles

    Hi there! Someone actually posted that same question a few weeks ago. I tried using a CSV upload trick to make it work, but I couldn't get that to work. Here's the thread: https://bridgeapp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048651273-Enroll-by-hire-dates. It might be possible to do this with your auto-CSV if you use a custom field of some sort for the hire date, but it won't be totally automatic as far as I can tell.

    I do remember that lots of people had requested this in the "old community" as well. You should definitely request this with the new request tool in Bridge and follow up with your CSM. To access the request, click the Helpful Resources icon (question mark), then Help Center, then Share an idea. Since this new tool doesn't provide an easy way to revisit your idea, I would also recommend having the form send you a copy of your response so you will have some documentation of the submission.

    Good luck!


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    Heidi Bynum

    Hi Randy Palmer,

    So, the short answer is yes, but it my not work the way you want it. When setting up Bridge there are required fields and custom fields that input depending on how your users are managed. We have custom fields around department, job title, and even hire date. Unfortunately, the Smart Groups don't have the logic to determine less than X days, etc. It's either on or off, if that makes sense.

    What we do, is we enroll everyone in the training in a training release using CSV. If it's relevant for a new hire who arrives later, I add the course into one of several Programs we have. The programs then have a Smart Group enrollment that picks up anyone in a specific department. The Smart Groups are based on department and title. So if a new user is added to that Smart Group, the enrollment is automated. The pitfall is if we skip the CSV enrollment, everyone gets enrolled anyway, new hire or not.

    Here are the instructions for a one time CSV enrollment and the instructions for a Smart Group enrollment which will be a rolling enrollment. Here is information on manually updating users in your Bridge domain; however, many organizations automate this process so there may be additional steps to follow. Please also be advised that making changes to your fields will break any current Smart Groups and Smart Group enrollments you may have. (I have learned this the hard way.)

    Next time you are in Bridge, on the bottom left-hand side there's a ? in a circle. If you click on that icon, there's an option to Share an Idea. You can share this idea there.

    I hope this helps,


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