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Training games posted on Bridge?



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    Trish Delude

    Hi Janelle! As you've probably discovered Bridge's authoring tools is quite simple. There are a number of SCORM authoring tools (e.g. Articulate 360) that would help you achieve your goals in terms of offering games for learning. Other Bridge Admin and Authors may have other content authoring tool recommendations. On a different but related note, I've shared some ideas for "gamify-ing" the Bridge experience generally for your consideration:

    • Hide easter eggs within courses. When a Leaner finds it, have them post to a public channel (e.g. slack) to win a gift card
    • Use Checkpoints to have people find/submit relevant facts about the learning topic or company
    • Use Retain for Bridge-authored quizzes
    • Swag for on-time completion of Performance Conversations / Courses
    • Prizes for the team/manager team with the most completions by end of quarter
    • Prizes for the team/manager team that is first to have their entire team complete Program X - Have the manager report on this outcome to ensure they are tracking their team's completions
    • One Bridge customer is rolled out Bridge with a March Madness competition: Two courses a week for separate groups and the group that has the best completion each week gets a mini prize and at the end of the month the best total completion % gets a pizza party.
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    Amy Skyles

    We add interactivity using a blended approach so that the interactions are not person to computer but person to person. This has been especially helpful while about half of our workforce is still working remotely. We have a content provider that provides microlearning courses and this has also helped us increase our ROI on that investment. 

    For each series, we have picked a theme and a series of related short courses. Learners will complete a course before the live session in Bridge and the ycome prepared to discuss. We typically use Padlet during those live discussions that we host through Microsoft Teams. Padlet allows people to post on a discussion board or sorts. It's basically virtual sticky notes. We like it so much that we invested in a corporate account. For some of the more sensitive content we will allow posters to remain anonymous. This has really helped drive discussion in our diversity, equity, and inclusion series. We can create several prompts, including fun ice breakers, and people who are either typically quieter or who are not comfortable with the vulnerability of speaking up are then given a better voice. 

    We have used this model for a leadership series, a DEI series, and now it is being incorporated into a new program for emerging managers. the strategy has gotten great feedback and allowed us to stay connected. Plus we can download the Padlet responses to a spreadsheet and share and we really like the data we get from the downloads.

    Here is a link to the blog post our content provider wrote on the strategy.



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    Janelle Skarsten

    Thank you for sharing your blended approach! I appreciate it!

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