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Media Course Open Beta



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    Amy Watson

    Will this automatically carry through if learning is shared to a subaccount from the main account?  I don't see a Beta tab in the subaccount.  Thx.

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    Emily Gallichan

    This sounds great! I've been so keen to have this for PDFs so learners dont just see a file they then have to download to their local drive.

    I've enabled the Beta but although the text above says that it works for PDFs and Videos, I've tried to add a PDF file to a new course and it still just shows as a file for download rather than opening a preview in full screen. Could someone please advise?

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    Zuzana Uherkovichova

    Hi, I've too enabled the Beta but the PDF files addition doesn't work (shows as a file in attachment for download) nor does the full screen video work.

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