As an author I can preview what quiz questions are being generated from smart quiz questions

Idea created by Grant Ricker Partner on Apr 3, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Annie Battad
    • Grant Ricker
    • Elise Steinharter
    • Dan Perkins
    • allison kemp
    • Richard Gladman
    • Nicola Burton
    • ivanov
    • Our authors like using smart quiz questions for the fact it creates randomisation and a bank of questions. However there is no way to view what the auto generated randomised questions will look like or how many will be generated.
    • Ability for an author to preview a) how many questions will be generated b) previewing the actual questions that will be added to the pool.
    • This previewing the actual questions is to validate grammatical representation of the questions, and ensure quality control is in place of knowing exactly what questions sit in our pool and could be asked.



    Annie Battad