Enhanced survey features

Idea created by Amie Lockwood Partner on Apr 5, 2017
    Open for Voting

    It would be absolutely fantastic if surveys could have the same levels of functionality as the rest of the features in Bridge.


    For example:

    • At the moment you can only create Likert questions, which is very limiting. It would be great to have the same range of questions that you have when creating e-learning (multiple choice, multiple answer, short answer, sorting, vocab etc). 
    • At the moment you can include courses, live training and tasks in a programme. It would be really useful to include surveys in this, that way the last step in any programme could be the gathering of feedback.
    • Sharable links are currently available for every feauture except surveys, allowing sharable links for a survey would allow us to send emails company wide actively encouraging users to take surveys.


    Surveys are a great tool within Bridge, but without some more functionality they don't provide the same ease of use and flexibility as the rest of the system.


    This idea was considered when developing our product plan for Q4 2019 and is not expected to influence development within Bridge at this time.

     This idea will remain open for vote.
      If this idea is in the top 10% by vote next cycle it will be reconsidered.