Course/Program Images

Idea created by Joshua Petersen Partner on Apr 14, 2017
    Open for Voting

    When you create a program, you can choose an image to represent it in the learning library.  However, the admin cannot choose which part of the image will be displayed.  Bridge forces the image to show a sliver of something in the middle of the image. 


    We know that Bridge has the ability to display different parts of an image - look at the employee photo functionality.  When I upload a picture of my self, my face might be near the top or off to one side and I can select the portion that I want to display as my avatar.  I would like to do this for course/program images because the focus of time image and the relevant part is rarely in the direct center.


    For example if I upload an image of a handshake, I might only get the pinky fingers and then empty space below.  Or if I use an image of a sunset behind a mountain, if the mountain/sunset are in the top right corner of the image, all that gets displayed in the learning library is some ambiguous landscape in the middle of a mountain rather than the captivating color of the sun crossing the horizon.