Course start dates

Idea created by Craig Ricker Partner on Apr 23, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Currently, you can set a due date for a course, but I'd like to see a feature where you can set a 'Start date for a course.


    This would work with the following parameters:


    • The course appears inside the users My Learning on a certain date. It retains the usual 'due by' date set on the course (say 7 days for example) starting from the 'Start date'
    • If the course exists within a program, it also will not be accessible (unlocked) to the user until the 'Start date'


    The reasoning for the feature:
    You may be running training which involves a mixture of LMS learning and face to face learning.if you are building a program that contains 8 courses for example.


    You wish to run the face to face learning first, then provide access to the user to complete the specific course that relates directly to that face to face learning on Bridge.


    The program runs over 8 weeks, with a face to face meeting occurring each week on a Tuesday. You wish each course to have its 'Start date' (i.e be accessible to the user) on that Tuesday. It will also have a due by date of 7 days, meaning they will need to have completed it by the next face to face session.


    What the 'Start date' prevents, is early access to the next course in the program. Thus allowing you to control the users learning experience, ensuring they do the face to face learning first before they proceed with the course on Bridge.


    There would be two options for this feature:


    1. Course start dates that are put onto individual courses and can be assigned to specific users
    2. Course start dates that are put on inside of a program (and are separate to individual course start dates)


    This idea was considered when developing our product plan for Q4 2019 and is not expected to influence development within Bridge at this time.

     This idea will remain open for vote.
      If this idea is in the top 10% by vote next cycle it will be reconsidered.