Add 15min reminder to .ics files

Idea created by Peter Connelly Partner on May 17, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Danny Haworth
    • Matthew Gjertsen
    • Peter Connelly
    • Kenneth Baucum, CPTM
    • George Kroner
    • Holly Groszko
    • Taylor Robuck
    • Michelle Gonzales
    • Jeannine Orr

    Most people rely on Calendar reminders to keep them on track throughout the day. And, for most Outlook users, the default reminder for a new calendar appointment is 15mins.


    It would be incredibly helpful if the .ics files sent via Bridge for live training courses automatically included a 15 minute reminder. If users wanted to change or remove the default reminder then fine, but not having one at all means that many users show up late to the live training courses as they forget they have enrolled or loose track of time.


    Please help us manage our user's lives by adding a default 15 minute reminder to all .ics files.