Custom responses for course completion messages

Idea created by Peter Connelly Partner on May 19, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Peter Connelly
    • Randy Price
    • Holly Groszko
    • Monique Mensah
    • Jeannine Orr

    There are only two course responses in Bridge right now:

    • Great Job
    • Sorry, you didn't pass

    In some cases, an author may want to have a very low passing score for a course, say 50%. Neither response would be sufficient for a learner who scored 51%. Sure, the learner passed, but was it really a "Great Job"? Not so much.


    I propose adding functionality that would let authors craft the course completion messages and would enable them to set thresholds for when each message would be sent. With this functionality, an Author might say "You passed, but not by much. Perhaps you should review this course again" or "Hey, you're a superstar. Rock On!!" Whatever feels right.


    Jeannine Orr, Monique Mensah