User Profile Tabs

Idea created by Mike Hall Partner on May 26, 2017
    Open for Voting

    As an admin, it's challenging to determine which courses, programs, live training, tasks, surveys, and groups that an individual user is associated with.  How would you go about removing a specific user from hundreds of manual enrollments, or how would you know which groups a user belongs to without having to run some kind of report?  Even if you found that kind of information from a report, you would still have to open up each of their courses or groups, locate the user, then remove them individually.  This is very time consuming.


    Rather than searching group by group to remove a user, or course by course to unenroll a user, it would be great if I could easily see a list of the courses, programs, groups, etc. that a learner is enrolled in on their user profile page, organized by tabs.  From each tab, it would be great if I could also add or remove users from each course, program, group, etc. without having to navigate elsewhere.  This functionality would be similar to the tabs on each course profile page.


    Suggested User Profile Tabs:

      • Summary
      • Courses
      • Programs
      • Live Training
      • Tasks
      • Surveys
      • Group Memberships


    Additionally, having the ability to export an individual user's courses, programs, group memberships, etc. from these tabs would be a very handy feature, rather than exporting all data from each entity and filtering it out to find the one user you're looking for.