Archive Training

Idea created by Elise Steinharter Partner on Jun 7, 2017

    It would be great to be able to archive a training. When a training is no longer needed, it can muddle up the course list and potentially be confusing. As a trainer, I do not want to delete the course because it still contains information that I may need to reference back to but I do not need to see it on a daily basis.


    This could mean just moving it to a different tab of the Courses or Programs page so its more out of sight. Alternatively, this could also be accomplished by exporting the training into a PDF/PPT (or the like) along with an export of the course enrollments and pass/fail information.


    This would give authors to the ability to go back and see the training in its entirety and preserve the enrollment information for HR purposes but remove it from the current instance of Bridge where it is no longer needed. Jeannine Orr