Allow courses to expire at the current time instead of expiring at midnight

Idea created by Mike Hall Partner on Jun 27, 2017

    I have a learner who has completed a course, but their manager needs them to re-take the course today.  When going to the course's Learners tab and manually setting a due date for the learner using the date picker, I can select today's date.  However, this action won't expire the course for the learner until midnight tonight.  This prevents the learner from being able to complete the course today and they must wait until tomorrow to re-take it and get credit for it.


    Suggestion:  Allow admins to select yesterday's date from the date picker to allow a course to be completed by the learner today.


    Context:  In certain industries, such as clinical research, regulations require employees to be re-trained if an employee makes a serious error on the job.  Because of this one day delay in course re-assignment, the employee cannot legally work until the employee has been re-trained one day later.