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Idea created by Jen Barchers Partner on Sep 21, 2017
    • Tasha Biesinger
    • Lindy Foster
    • Ashley Davis
    • Dan Perkins
    • Kyla Pearce
    • Hayley Hemmer
    • Anastasiya Fatiy

    We just published and assigned a manager-only Program.


    Problem 1:

    Executives are not required to take the courses, however we want to make them available to them for reference as needed.  Without adding the courses to the general population's catalog, these Executives would not have access to the courses/program.


    Problem 2:

    Given that we have to make assignments in order for managers to access the courses/program, everything is required.  If we wanted to make some some courses optional, like the library's self-enrollment feature, it will be confusing and a reporting mess to distinguish between required and opt-in courses.


    If would be great to build private libraries based on groups.Admin Lounge