Set passwords from user profiles

Idea created by Clint Emsley Partner on Oct 18, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Danielle Hirka
    • Clint Emsley
    • Dawn Pohlman
    • Peter Sternfels
    • Jorden Castagna
    • April Gaultney
    • Alexis Fotheringham

    I'd love to be able to set passwords from within a user profile rather than doing it via CSV. We have a lot of clients whose users don't have email addresses, and they also tend to have less familiarity with LMSes and tech in general. Uploading a CSV is, to many folks, a bit intimidating, especially when only one change is needed.


    The example I use is Wordpress - on the backend, you can't see the user's existing password, but you can assign them a new one. When you click a button to give them a new password, it automatically generates a new one and displays it to you, but it also allows you to type in a new, easy to remember password.


    If we could do that from the Edit User screen, that would be ideal.