Alert when adding a duplicate account/user (Active or Terminated)

Idea created by Vinita Tyagi Partner on Oct 23, 2017
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    • Katie Averill
    • Vinita Tyagi

    Bridge gives an error message if one tries to create an account with the same email (unique id) that is already associated with another user, but this is limited to active users only.

    If there is a rehire, the system will simply create a duplicate account with the same email, since the old account is deactivated/terminated.

    The system should be intuitive enough to prompt the admin to restore the deactivated/terminated account or otherwise.

    We have had instances where up-to 9 accounts (active and deactivated) have been associated with one email (unique id).

    While the 'users export' provides only active accounts, the user report from the data dump has all these 'phantom' users.


    Anybody who has used the data dump report when reporting on learning in a particular time period irrespective of employee current status i.e. active or deactivated would know exactly the problem this creates.