Error message for invalid username/username reminder

Idea created by Marcie Musser Partner on Oct 24, 2017
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    • Laura Komenda
    • Kate Toothman
    • Patricia Arenas
    • Joseph Henn
    • Jesus Speer
    • Marcie Musser
    • Jim Johnston
    • Michelle Gonzales
    • Leslie Fetzer

    Many people have trouble remembering their username when trying to log into Bridge. Then, when they enter the wrong username and try to do a password reset, they are confused as to why they do not get the password reset email. My suggestion is twofold. One, if someone enters an invalid username, display a message saying that the username is invalid or cannot be found. Two, provide a way for learners to retrieve their username if they do not remember it. Three quarters of the phone calls I get from my users are due to this kind of issue. They put in the wrong username, they request a password reset, and then wonder why they never get the reset email, because there is no mechanism in place to tell them they didn't enter the correct username to begin with.

    Kate Toothman