Course duration list in Reports

Idea created by Lindsay Morgan Partner on Nov 2, 2017
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    Good Afternoon,

         As a company we have a standard that each employee get at least 2 hours of training per month. This can be completed through live trainings, conferences, and also online training.  Most of our online trainings are facilitated through Bridge. One challenge for us in using Bridge for this is that we do not have a way of giving time credit for courses and programs. I know we have the report that shows how long there were in a course, but we do not want to give people 45 minutes of training time for a course that should have taken 15 minutes because they were trying to manipulate the system.  For example, it would be great in the Completed Learners Report if there was a column that showed the Duration so that we would give credit that way instead of pulling every individual course. Also if there were a Duration column that appeared when you exported the CSV file from a particular course that would be sooooo helpful.


    It is hard to put a lot training content on Bridge until there is a better way to track the amount of time that we give for each course.