GoToWebinar live webinars longer alert notice

Idea created by Ryan Fraley Partner on Nov 6, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Annie Battad
    • Natalie Van Sistine
    • Rachel Stanley
    • Wes Atkinson
    • Ryan Fraley
    • Jaimee Henry

    The alert at the top of the screen to finish registering for the webinar in GoToWebinar only stays up for about 6 seconds from my count, then disappears.  I'm going to submit an enhancement for that to stay longer (or permanent).  I'm afraid our clients who aren't familiar with registering won't click the alert before it disappears from the screen.


    (Edited to add: For context, this alert, known as a toast message and depicted from the learner viewpoint in How do I register for a live training? , is enabled when an author adds a web conference provider to a live training session, as depicted in How do I add a session to a live training?)