Bring Reports Page Back

Idea created by Ashley Strickland Partner on Nov 9, 2017
    Open for Voting

    With the new navigation, we are not able to quickly and easily get to an "Incomplete Learners" report.  Right now, I have to click on Deep Dive for Overdue Learners or Completed Learners and then change the report I want to view on the Insights page.


    We have training administrators that need to view training progress for their department or division, but do not have direct reports.  Therefore, we have to provide additional access to the system (Admin instead of Author) so that they can go in and review the Insights page (that doesn't particularly pertain to their training or their area), go to Deep Dive for the incorrect report, select the correct report, fine tune the report for their group, and export that information.  If there could be a Reports page where you can build a report, this would eliminate the unnecessary navigations in the system and  would be very helpful.