Separate Arc Video Insights from Comments

Idea created by Kyla Andreasen Partner on Nov 10, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Kerry Floyd
    • Danielle Hirka
    • Taylor Robuck
    • Natasha Baez-Huppert
    • Michelle Gonzales
    • Kelsey DeBruin
    • Alexis Fotheringham

    It would be great if ARC would allow the administrator to see insights on user time spent on videos without having to activate the comments section.  Presently it is an "all or nothing" feature, and we may not want to activate the comments, as we are not given an alert when a comment is made to review and ensure it is appropriate. 

    In addition, the pop up comments that an administrator can set within the video is indicated by a circle on the video timeline.  It would be nice to have them not visible, so a viewer would not be able to anticipate when a comment is made.  It might cause the viewer to be more aware during the entirety of the video, instead of knowing when to expect a comment from the author.