Alternative Embedded Video Format

Idea created by Jaimee Henry Partner on Nov 12, 2017
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    • Jaimee Henry

    As a course author, I would like to be able to embed videos in a course, without having to take up the real estate of an entire video.


    Uses of this feature could include:

    • An alternative video link Ex. We use a video service which is blocked in some countries so we would like to offer an alternative link without redirecting them to another site. Our content is not public so an alternative link is not sufficient.

    • A suggested video Ex. I want to suggest a video but not indicate that it is required as a part of the course.


    Formatting Ideas:


    1. Text link with pop-over player
    2. Thumbnail link with pop-over player: Embedly offers some alternative formatting options that allow a smaller thumbnail of video. Users can still opt into full screen mode.