Checking readyness of a course or program

Idea created by Keith Williams Partner on Nov 13, 2017
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    • Nicole Lueras
    • Keith Williams

    Attn: Ryan Jensen!


    Ryan, as discussed on the phone this morning, I need to be able to produce a report of courses or programs and see visually at what stage they are at in terms of readyness for publishing. I have tried to show this in a mock up table below. Obviously I may have missed some headings that are mandatory/non-mandatory. I also have not included if the notification status is on/off.


    The reason for my suggestion is because when I am asked what stage I am up to with the content being ready for learner consumption/production, I have to go in to each course and note down on a spreadsheet where I am up to with the course/program development.

    Course/ProgramIDTags?Cert?Library?Learners?Groups?Sub Groups?Pub?
    Bridge Learn: Admin TrainingCourseNYNNNNN
    Bridge Learn: Author TrainingCourseNYNNNNN


    Also if someone else is assisting me with content development, the ability to run a report (like the one above) would be most helpful for the other person/manager needing to know latest status of course/program development.


    Please consider this as a suggestion.

    Thank you.


    Keith Williams