Live Webinar registration email

Idea created by Ryan Fraley Partner on Nov 20, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Annie Battad
    • Natalie Van Sistine
    • Rachel Stanley
    • Wes Atkinson

    We use GoToWebinar in Bridge.  And when you register for a live webinar, you have only a few seconds to click on a banner at the top of the page that redirects you to register through GoToWebinar.  I've submitted an idea to have this banner stay permanent: GoToWebinar live webinars longer alert notice


    So, when a client registers for a webinar in Bridge, if they don't click on the GoToWebinar banner at the top to register in GoToWebinar, then they aren't technically registered for the webinar.  However, the client still gets an email from Bridge saying they are registered for the webinar (when they really aren't).  Annie Battad