Detailed sign-in report

Idea created by Clint Emsley Partner on Dec 5, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Laura Komenda
    • Kerry Floyd
    • Clint Emsley
    • Dan Perkins
    • Dawn Pohlman
    • Michelle Gonzales
    • Dori Nottingham
    • Alexis Fotheringham

    I'd like to be able to run a more detailed sign-in report that would show a few things:

    • All of the users in a given account or sub-account
    • Their total logins in the given timeframe
    • The last date and time they logged in

    This would be useful to us for two cases. The first case is when our Sales team sets up a demo account, they have no way of knowing whether a particular user has logged on or how many times they have. The second case is for our clients - they like to see who exactly is logging in so they can check in on folks who have never logged in before.