Edit course content directly from the Program Overview page

Idea created by Keith Williams Partner on Dec 5, 2017
    • Kerry Floyd
    • Greggory Wright
    • Keith Williams
    • Ashley Burge
    • Natasha Baez-Huppert
    • Kelsey DeBruin
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Bridge

    We would like the ability to be able to edit a course directly from within a program.

    For example, I have created a 'Bridge for Learners Program', as seen below...

    If I try and click on any of the course names or checkpoints I have added to the program, Bridge does not take me to the actual course itself. I have to go back to the course page, or checkpoint page, and edit the content from there.



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    For more information, please read through the Bridge Learn Release Notes (2019-08-08).