Import Historical Learning Records

Idea created by Grant Ricker Partner on Dec 7, 2017
    • Dean Devereaux
    • Annie Battad
    • Grant Ricker
    • Ryan Jensen
    • Tasha Biesinger
    • Jonathan Chapman
    • Diane Fromme
    • Jesus Speer
    • Alexis Fotheringham

    Currently to bring historical learning records into Bridge you need to either run scripts using API calls or engage professional services to assist.


    Considering you can already add users to a course via CSV would it be much effort to add another step to the process  after selecting the Login ID, of mapping:


    • Completed Date
    • Expiration Date
    • Score


    This way admins* could easily import large amounts of historical records (completed users) against a single course. Ideally a secondary bulk import feature would exist at an account management level allowing you to import historical records for multiple courses at once by utilising the above but just specifying a course ID in addition.


    *or any role with the relevant permission 'Import Completed Users' - again this emphasises why it would be nice for Managers to have their own set of permissions, as certain customers would want their managers to bulk mark users as complete for some courses Manager Permissions.


    Add Users to a course via CSV


    Expand CSV mapping to include fields allowing historical learning to be imported



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