Notification and/or Program Lock on Permanently Failed Courses

Idea created by Elliot Bell Partner on Dec 18, 2017
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    • Nicole Lueras
    • Jonathan Chapman
    • Jesus Speer
    • Taylor Robuck
    • Elliot Bell
    • Natasha Baez-Huppert
    • Rebecca Grooms

    When a course is failed permanently, there is no notification to the learner's manager that multiple failures occurred. This is problematic when a manager looks at progress within a program, as a learner is allowed to progress through a program even when a course or courses have been failed permanently failed. This has created the illusion to some of our managers that new learners are doing well on coursework, when in reality their progress is peppered with failure. When they see a completed program, they assume that everything was passed and in good working order. This is not explicitly true. The only ways to detect failure within a program is to wait for the course to become overdue or navigate to the program, open up each course within the program individually, and look at the learner list (or use the data  dump). There is no probable cause to make a manager inspect this outside of the overdue status, which (in our organization) is often relatively late in the onboarding process.


    We would love if a notification would be pushed out to a manager when a learner enters permanently failed status. This would allow managers to contact struggling employees who need more guidance or clarity on topics or detect incompetence early.


    Alternatively, we would love to halt program progress when a course is permanently failed. Because much of our content within a program starts with foundational knowledge, we want to stop a learner from progressing to advanced topics when they have not demonstrated competency with basic concepts or skills.


    Taylor Robuck

    Rebecca Grooms