Hold enrolled courses email from being sent out unless user has registered and set a password

Idea created by James Morris Partner on Jan 23, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Kerry Floyd
    • Holly Groszko
    • James Morris

    Currently, if a learner is added into Bridge via a spreadsheet, and then is enrolled in courses before they set their password, they will still receive a welcome email and their course enrollment email.


    This becomes a problem when learners then try to access bridge via the enrolled courses email as it just takes them to a login screen in which they have no password and are unable to login, or reset their password. They don't always go back to the welcome email as that wasn't the most recent Bridge email.


    What should happen is the course enrollment emails should be placed in queue until the learner has set their password via the welcome email, or, the link from the course enrollments should know they have not set a password and then take them to the set password screen instead of to the login screen.