A new outlook on MS Outlook

Idea created by Jim Meehan Partner on Feb 14, 2018
    • Kerry Floyd
    • Kate Toothman
    • Danny Haworth
    • Matthew Gjertsen
    • Randall Beck
    • Jim Johnston
    • Jim Meehan
    • Melanie Romano
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    Our company uses Microsoft Outlook, and most of our people live and die with their calendars. One feature I like about Bridge is the calendar option under My Learning. Unfortunately from what I've read it is limited just to Bridge. An idea I would like to see adopted is when someone signs up for a live training, they have the option to add this to their Outlook calendar as well. We see a lot of people miss class because the training is not on their Outlook calendars (and yes, I know Bridge will notify them, but as I said if it's not on their Outlook calendar it ain't happening).


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