Have a 'trainer name' option included in all live trainings

Idea created by Emma Williams Partner on Feb 23, 2018
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    • Sherry Trudeau
    • lena.byrd@chemicalbank.com
    • Bianca Bonney

    As an L&D function it would be really useful if we could track who has actually delivered our live training sessions, this helps us report and restructure around our resource and the demands on the team. If we can report on the trainers as well as the actual delivery we can map out key areas that have high reason for particular team members. Could an option be added into the Live Training session to input who is delivering? a box to fill in with the trainer name? This would also help the learners have visibility as to who their trainer will be.Ike NelsonJeremy FarnsworthTodd Ericksen Kate Toothman