Downloadable Reflective Responses for Learners

Idea created by Rekha Pillai Partner on Mar 6, 2018
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    • Sarah Cook
    • Rekha Pillai



    In health courses in a two or more stages programs, clinical staff need to complete reflective responses to be able to claim CPD for registration purposes. In such cases, the responses are not to be invigilated as they are more like plans to apply their learning from the Program.


    As the coordinator of the training, it is a humungous task for me to download their responses in csv format then covert it from horizontal columns by transposing to make it in vertical format then transfer onto word, pdf and send it back to the learners.


    Due to this I am only sending them manual templates to write down their responses and retain a copy for their registration. Had there been an option to enable download of the course responses, as the administrator, I could select that option so while I have access to the csv file, the learner is able to download their submission in pdf format immediately without me having to do all the unnecessary administrative work.


    Could you please do this ?