Insights/Dashboards that meet the Needs of a CEO

Idea created by Aaron Smith Partner on Mar 9, 2018
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    • Kerry Floyd
    • Aaron Smith

    The success of Bridge is driven by management teams that hold employees accountable. Business owners with 20 employees can skip over the manager and hold all employees accountable individually.  Employers of 200+ need to work through managers to hold employees accountable.


    The CEO of a 200+ employee organization wants to know each manager’s team completion rate and past due percentage at a minimum.  When the organization is 25% past due and the CEO can’t distinguish which managers are unsupportive.  The best they can do is berate the entire management team.  That can easily result in support for Bridge to drop.  Managers that have supported the program are punished and those that are not supporting the program gain support for canceling the program.


    We all want Bridge to be adopted at every level.  If an organization has ten managers and two are successful in getting direct reports to complete training timely, the other eight must admit they are inferior or get with the program. 


    Insights current focus is on meeting the implementation needs of HR.  We would like Insights to provide metrics that meet the needs of the CEO.  If the CEO is happy, everyone wins.