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Idea created by Patricia Hasselbring Partner on Apr 24, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I have an idea regarding the My Learning Page on Bridge. Right now, Live Trainings, Courses, and Programs, etc. are all included under required. Our Live trainings for our Users are not required. With having Live trainings under the required section, it is making them harder to see the actual courses and programs that are required. I was thinking it would be easier to have Live Training as its own header. If there is a Live Training that should be required for a user – there could be setting under that Live Training that the admin can toggle “required”. Then that Live Training will appear under the Required header. When an agent of ours is new to the company and just added to Bridge, having Live Trainings, Courses, and Programs all together makes it harder for them to see what is required for them to complete. I’m not sure a filtering solution would be the best.