Excuse/Exclude Learner from Training

Idea created by Tasha Biesinger Partner on Apr 26, 2018
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    • Tasha Biesinger
    • Lynn Greenough
    • lena.byrd@chemicalbank.com
    • Lindy Foster
    • Raul Burriel
    • David Rios

    We will be using Smart Groups to quickly create groups of learners with common attributes for many different trainings. There will be times when there is an individual that is captured in the Smart Group parameters who doesn't actually need training X or training Y.  We would like a way to still leverage the efficiency of using the Smart Group to assign people to trainings, but be able to make exceptions per course or per program to exclude an individual learner caught in the Smart Group.


    Right now, an admin has the ability to manually mark a learner as Complete or reset the learner's progress - adding the ability to excuse or exclude the learner from the training would be great. The learner and their 'excused' status would display on the Author learner list and in reports, but the training would NOT appear on the learner's page.