Courses/Programs by Learner Level/Hierarchy

Idea created by Greggory Wright Partner on May 3, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Paul Chapman
    • Isaac Etter
    • Greggory Wright
    • Dan Perkins
    • Allison Lippert
    • Ashley Wilkes
    • Macey Eskelsen
    • Jaimee Henry

    We should be able to have specific programs/courses only available to individuals at certain levels.  For example, a new employee/learner who is not management may not need to see managerial training, or be able to access it based on their level. I should be able to differentiate my learners just like smart groups on what courses are available to them based on data-driven attributes such as title, level, start date, etc.  We wouldn't want a new employee who is a manager to access the ins and outs of EBITA on day one until they take our basics.  This would allow us the ability to create and manage leveled learning, unlocking the gates of learning once you get through some basic pieces you need first.