Close courses after a certain date

Idea created by Kerry Floyd on May 8, 2018
    Open for Voting

    We've created a few courses to outline policies for an upcoming event, which we've asked staff to complete prior to registering. That said, there will inevitably some staff who do not complete the course. Could there be a way to have a course close and disappear from the 'required' section after a certain date? I imagine they could go into another section besides the complete section -- maybe 'lapsed'? or 'failed to complete in time'? This would prevent these overdue and soon-to-be irrelevant courses from cluttering up the My Learning page.

    Another use case we have for this is webinars we run for staff who are preparing to leave the country. They have new webinars to watch every week, but when they get behind on them it creates a huge backlog on their learning page that makes it so they don't see new important content coming out. It would be nice to have those earlier webinars expire so that Admins can see who didn't finish them without also creating a huge queue for learners.