Exclude Terminated Users from Active Users Count

Idea created by Lindy Foster Partner on May 9, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Tasha Biesinger
    • lena.byrd@chemicalbank.com
    • Lindy Foster
    • Janelle Skarsten
    • David Rios
    • Amie Lockwood

    In the Insights tab, one of the bits of data on the opening page is "Active Users". This currently includes terminated/removed users, and the percentage shown (% of Team Members) also reflects the number of users who have logged in out of the total, including terminated users. Additionally, if you deep dive on Active Users, then Export CSV (with no additional filters), you get only the currently active, non-terminated users. So the graph seems to differ with the exported CSV.


    I propose that the graph of "Active Users" only include non-terminated/removed users, like the CSV. It doesn't make sense to me to include users in these statistics who are no longer part of our population. When our HR team views Insights, it makes these numbers seem illegitimate. Their interest is to see how many of the currently active users have accessed Bridge.