Visual Indicator of Bridge Processing

Idea created by Tasha Biesinger Partner on May 14, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Some tasks take Bridge several minutes to hours to complete (e.g. adding learners to a Smart Group, adding learners to programs). Currently, there is not a way to tell if Bridge is still processing the task or finished (unless you know how many people should be added to the Smart Group or course/program). It would be great to add some visual indicator to Bridge to show whether Bridge is still processing or if it has completed the task.


    As an example: When we created a Smart Group that should have had ~9000 users, Bridge immediately displayed a handful of users in the Smart Group, but we could continuously refresh the browser window and the number continued to increase over a period of several minutes. We had to rely on refreshing the browser over the span of several more minutes and verifying that the number in the Smart Group wasn't changing any more to determine that the Smart Group processing was complete.


    If there were some visual indicator, we wouldn't have to guess as to whether Bridge was still working on something or had finished.