New window settings for SCORM

Idea created by Ross Kerr Partner on May 16, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Julie Erickson
    • Kris Bickell
    • Alex Dorgan
    • Ross Kerr
    • Trevor Brown
    • Maria-Jose Lopez

    A beneficial added option for SCORM courses would be to have options controlling how the course launches in a new window. The current method for customizing new window settings involves making a request to Bridge support and their individually customizing the launch settings for each course that needs to launch full-screen. When a course is replaced, the new window settings must be set again, which creates additional labor on all sides and makes it difficult to do quick updates.


    Being able to choose whether the course opens "Full Screen" or "Based on Browser" as sub-options if the admin wants the course to launch in a new window would help the user experience, especially for users accessing the course who have a difficult time with computers.