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Idea created by Kerry Floyd on Jul 17, 2018
    • Kerry Floyd
    • Jesus Speer
    • Ashley Burge
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    When I archive a course, it still shows up on Learners' learning page. This begs the question: what was the point of archiving it, if it doesn't actually clean up Learning pages? What does archiving accomplish for a learner, other than to let learners know they don't have access to the content anymore? To me, archiving ought to mean that it's on a shelf in the attic, where no one sees it unless they really, really want to go dig around and find it (digitally speaking). I want to archive courses to make the learner experience better, and right now it seems more geared towards making the admin experience better -- my course list is a little cleaner, but that's not much of a value add given that incomplete learners are still listed on the Insights page and neither they nor their managers can do anything to improve their compliance percentage unless I un-archive the course. A workaround for both problems is to unenroll all incomplete learners, or use the historical data upload to say they did it when they didn't. (When I do this, I attach a list of all the people who actually didn't do it.)


    Anyway: my idea is this -- make an archive a real, hidden-in-the-attic archive! Make it so archived courses cease to appear on the Learning page, or maybe make a separate tab that's called "archived courses," though I can't think of a reason learners would want to see a course title they no longer have access to. 

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