Associate Learn Courses with Perform Skills

Idea created by Kerry Floyd on Jul 25, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Matthew Eade

    This might already be a thing, or may already be on your radar! We don't have Perform (yet!) so I can't go dig around and see if this is already a feature. I know that in Learn, you can make tags by topic, and soon you'll be able to have categories. As I was looking at Perform at InstructureCon, I thought it would probably be helpful if there was a way to associate learnables with specific skills in Perform. This would accomplish a few things:

    • it would provide managers and learners with suggestions for ways to improve specific skills (like Amazon recommendations) 
    • it would guide managers toward content that would help them grow their team 
    • it would let content creators and trainers know what the impact of their training was on skills being assessed. It would be incredible to have specific, measurable data on whether or not your "communication skills" course actually resulted in a measurable improvement across the company for people who took it.


    I imagine this looking like another tab where you can select skills that a course is designed to improve. From the skill side, it would be great to click a skill and then see what courses you can take to work on it. From the admin side, it would be great to see how people's assessments change over time.