{STUDIO} - Add some "real" FONTS!

Idea created by Alison Leese on Aug 7, 2018
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    • Elise Blas
    • Jesus Speer
    • Bianca Bonney

    Nice to find "Branded Course Font" , but frustrating that there doesn't seem to be any common/classic web fonts (like arial, or verdana, or helvetica).  And they seem to be uncommon fonts for headers ONLY (Lovers Quarrel? Love yah like a sister?? - These are actually names of available fonts in the Branded Course Font people!)


    Meanwhile, there's: 

    Visit Google Fonts for a better browsing experience. Font families with bold and italic are recommended. The default font is Avenir.


    BUT... why does this text even exist?? It's not like you can put a google font URL into the bar!


    Maybe I'm missing something?