Goal Categories in Perform

Idea created by Kerry Floyd on Aug 13, 2018
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    • Kerry Floyd

    It's great to be able to set company goals in Perform! It's not great when there are whole bunch of them in categories that might not be relevant to everyone. Here's an example:


    Category: World-class investment in our people

    Goal: 90% of staff respond positively on satisfaction with personal experience in FOCUS

    Goal: 90% of staff recommend FOCUS service to others

    Goal: 3 year succession/staffing plan in place for 100% of C+ band roles


    We have 6 categories with 3 goals each. It would be nice to put them in categories so that when people are aligning their goals they don't have so many to sift through.


    This would also be helpful at the user level so I can group goals into categories based on the type of work or project each goal falls into.